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Theft and Burglary Attorney

Even minor theft charges can lead to a serious entanglement in the criminal justice system. More serious charges, like burglary, are almost certain to result in jail time b without help from a criminal defense lawyer.
I am Delaware theft and burglary defense lawyer John Garey. At the Law Office of John R. Garey, I meet with people every day who need theft and burglary defense. Whether or not you committed the offense with which you are charged, you deserve an aggressive defense to protect your constitutional rights and help ensure you are not convicted for something you did not do.
For a confidential consultation about theft and burglary defense, contact my Dover law office online.

* Foreign language interpreters are available

* Free initial consultation about your theft crime defense case

Taking something during a moment of temptation shouldn’t mean that you have to face the worst possible punishments.

Former criminal prosecutor helping people protect their rights

When I worked as a Kent County prosecutor, I prepared cases against hundreds of good, hardworking people who suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of the criminal justice system, often because of a misunderstanding or a one-time bad decision.
Today, I use my prosecutor’s experience in private practice at the law office of John R. Garey, to help people protect their rights and fight for the best possible outcome after being charged with a theft crime.

Recognized as a trustworthy resource throughout the local community

I opened my law firm in 2003 and have quickly become recognized for my commitment to providing fair representation that is always focused on getting the outcome that is right for you and your family. I am proud to say that the great majority of my clients are referred to me from other satisfied clients, as well as from the police and other legal professionals.
My principles for success are simple: Good people simply shouldn’t have their futures ruined because of a single mistake. I defend the following types of property crimes charges:

  • Car theft
  • Fraud, embezzlement and white collar crime
  • Identity theft and check forgery
  • Shoplifting
  • Juvenile theft charges
  • Burglary and breaking and entering
  • Possession of stolen property

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of the theft charges you are facing. I also provide legal representation for adolescents and teenagers charged with theft in juvenile court and for college students accused of property crimes.