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Drug Court Diversion Program Lawyer

Delaware has declared “war on drugs.” Penalties for possessing, or possessing with intent to deliver marijuana, cocaine or OxyContinB. are harsh. Often the path to criminal behavior starts out as drug abuse.
You may have started taking prescription medications to kill chronic pain or to get high. As your body becomes used to it, you need to take narcotics in ever-increasing dosages for the same effect. It often happens that clients start forging medical prescriptions to get the Vicodin and Percocet they need, and in large amounts.
If you are caught by law enforcement, you will be facing serious drug charges. Fortunately, there is an alternative to jail.

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To find out more about the Drug Court Diversion Program in Delaware, call me, attorney John R. GareyB in Dover. I prosecuted drug and other crimes in Kent and Sussex counties for 15 years. I decided to go into private practice in 2003, because I want to help people like you.
I believe my experience on both sides enables me to talk tough with prosecutors, while protecting your rights under the law.

How Drug Court works

Going through the Drug Court Diversion Program is like using your Get Out of Jail Free card in a popular board game. Instead of prosecuting, the court agrees to divert your case into drug court. You must agree to get clean and stay clean for an agreed period of time.
If you successfully complete the program, the drug chargesB are dismissed. If you drop out or fail to complete the program, it is the same as pleading guilty to drug charges, and you mayB serve jail time, pay fines or both.
There are drug court diversion programs for both adults and juveniles. Both are based on the idea that it is more cost effective to divert resources for treatment and education than jailing drug offenders. Community-based nonprofits provide support through a variety of voluntary programs.
If you have been charged with a drug offense, call the law office of John R. GareyB for seasoned drug court counsel. I will review your matter and determine ifB drug court may be a viable option for you.
Contact meB today.