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If you find yourself in need of legal defense for drug trafficking in the state of Delaware, then you will need good legal representation. The state of Delaware takes trafficking and other drug-related charges very seriously. Drug charges, that include having drug paraphernalia on your person or in your possession, could lead to several years in jail. It is in your best interest to have someone on your side who understands Delaware drug crimes such as drug possession, drug paraphernalia possession and drug trafficking laws. Our Delaware drug crime defense lawyers have a wealth of experience. Call today for a free consult.

Mr. Garey serves those facing drug crimes in all of Delaware including New Castle County, Kent County & Sussex County, DE.

While the laws on drugs such as crystal meth and marijuana are clear to most people, it is the laws on other drugs such as cocaine and prescription drugs that can get complicated. In reality, the web created by drug laws in the state of Delaware can be extremely complex and should only be navigated by our Wilmington Delaware drug crime defense lawyers as they have many years experience in dealing with such cases. If you make the wrong move, it could cost you your freedom for many years.

Prescription Medication Drug Crimes

Sometimes the state of Delaware is very specific on how it handles certain kinds of drugs. For example, prescription drugs in Delaware are monitored by what is known as the Prescription Monitoring Program, or PMP for short. This is a system used by the state to determine which doctors are prescribing controlled substances and to which patients. There are guidelines that doctors are well aware of, but patients who take controlled substances via a prescription should consult with our Newark Delaware drug crime defense lawyers to be sure of their rights.

Gateway Drugs

The state of Delaware is very strict on pot and other gateway drugs. These are drugs that medical experts have identified as leading to harder substances such as heroin. The validity of identifying gateway drugs is still being debated, but the laws that govern the possession and distribution of these drugs are very clear. Being caught up in these kinds of substances could mean several years in jail along with hefty fines.

When To Call A Lawyer

People brought up on drug charges by the state of Delaware come in all shapes and sizes. There are those who knew what they were doing and then there are the people who had no idea that they were breaking a law. In either case, the time to call a lawyer is the first sign of problems with the state. Do not let the legal system swallow you up and give you a sentence you do not deserve. Before things get completely out of hand, you should contact an experienced defense attorney and get someone on your side who can protect your rights.

What Is Trafficking?

The reality is that the drug trafficking laws in Delaware are complex and can apply to a variety of situations. While you may think that you are doing the right thing, the truth is that you could be in violation of several of the states drug laws. If you are going to try to sell or distribute illegal drugs, then you are well aware of the kind of situation you are getting yourself into. But a tourist who comes home to Delaware from a foreign country with what the state considers to be a controlled substance is a different story. Before you talk to anyone else, you need to talk a lawyer.

What Is Drug Paraphernalia?

If there is one set of drug laws in Delaware that is objective and complicated, it is the ones regarding drug paraphernalia. Simply put, these are laws designed to stop the spread of equipment used to take drugs. But, in many cases, it is the intent of the product that can determine whether or not it qualifies as drug paraphernalia. An experienced attorney will let you know if there is an actual case against you if you ever find yourself in the middle of a drug paraphernalia situation.

Know Your Rights Regarding Drug Crimes

The state of Delaware has very specific guidelines for drug crimes and how those crimes are punished. If you do not have an experienced defense attorney on your side, then you may not have access to all of the rights you have coming to you. It can get confusing for a person who is unaware and unfamiliar with how the drug laws work in the state. There are several levels of felonies and misdemeanors that are applied to the long list of drug charges the state can use. You need to make sure that the proper case is being brought against you so that the evidence can speak for itself.
The moment that you realize that you are entangled in a set of drug charges in the state of Delaware is when you should keep quiet and contact a defense attorney. Unless you are a trained legal professional, you will not understand the situation you are in or all of the guidelines that have to be followed. You will also not have a firm grasp on what your rights truly are. That is why it is in your best interest to hire a competent and experienced attorney to review your case and make sure that you are properly represented.
Drug crimes in any state are serious business, but they are especially serious in the state of Delaware. Sometimes bad things can happen to good people. That is when a good attorney needs to step in and make sure that the proper case is created and all of the facts are heard before any judgment is passed.

Our Delaware criminal defense lawyers serve all of Delaware including Wilmington, Newark, University of Delaware, Pike Creek, Hockessin, New Castle, Bear, Glasgow, Middletown, Smyrna, Dover, Delaware State University, Magnolia, Harrington, Little Creek, Milford, Laurel, Millsboro, Seaford, Milton, Greenwood, Dagsboro, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island & Ocean View, DE.