An Attorney Who Defends

"I don’t believe it would’ve worked out as well at all if I’d have taken another lawyer besides John Garey. He represented me to the fullest, and I just felt comfortable. I’d like to recommend him highly because he gave me my freedom, and he went above and beyond in my case."


I Got My Life Back

"After being arrested on felony charges and entangled in the legal system, I was extremely concerned about my future and the financial risk to my family. After I saw that the police and prosecutors were teaming up against me instead of focusing on the facts in the case, I knew I needed professional help. That is when I turned to the legal services of John R. Garey P.A. John and Susanne worked tirelessly on my case and assured me that they would take care of everything. I regained my peace of mind and could once again focus on other things in life. John soon convinced the prosecutors to drop all of the charges against me. I was free and clear all thanks to John and Susanne! I wholeheartedly recommend the services of John R. Garey to anyone facing legal problems of any kind!"

-J. Dover

Highly Recommended

"Delaware Criminal Lawyer John Garey is 100%. Confident, intelligent, and a very aggressive counselor. I highly recommend him."

-Mike D.

Professional & Courteous

"HIRE THIS MAN! Mr. Garey got me off the hook, let me make payments and was very professional and courteous."

-Brendan S.