False Accusation Of Incest Attorney

Incest is a very serious crime in Delaware and the accusation alone will forever change the course of your life. Unfortunately, accusations of incest are sometimes fabricated. They can come about during a messy divorce or child custody battle. This can result in very painful and uncomfortable events such as an unfounded accusation of incest. This can happen when one parent or party wants to get even or even if someone thinks something inappropriate is occurring between an adult and a child they are related to. If you have been falsely accused of incest it is in your best interest to consult with a skilled Sussex County Delaware Sex Crime Lawyer.

Call Dover Delaware Sex Offense Attorney John R. Garey at 302-744-9290. You may also email Millsboro Delaware Sex Offense Attorney John R. Garey by clicking here. Mr. Garey has a long history of defending those falsely accused of sex crime cases in Delaware.

Defending The Falsely Accused in  Delaware

If you have been accused of incestuous relations with a minor or child sexual assault these charges can plague your personal and professional lives for many years. Retaining an experienced and tenacious Delaware lawyer is imperative to protecting your rights, your freedom and your reputation. Mr. Garey will do everything in his power to minimize or reduce the charges if the case cannot be dismissed altogether. Mr. Garey will do this by gathering factual evidence regarding the incident or circumstances. He will also work closely with experts in an effort to determine the accusers credibility.

Contact A Delaware Sex Crime Lawyer If You Have Been Falsely Accused

If you have been falsely accused of any sex offense in Delaware please understand that you do not have to face this alone. Enlisting the aid a skilled Georgetown Sex Offense Lawyer will ensure that your rights, and interests, are protected throughout the entire legal process. Mr. Garey will fight aggressively to protect your rights through this trying time. Please contact his Dover, Delaware law office at 302-744-9290. Or, email Kent County Delaware Sex Crime Defense Attorney John R. Garey by clicking here. Mr. Garey is very familiar with Delaware Sex Crime Laws and statutes and will put his knowledge to work for you.